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Vecht valley

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A walk of 8,5 km north of the river Vecht near Stegeren in Overijssel (East Netherlands)

Example of a combination of the Jusitfied-Gallery plugin (Relative Row height: 15% of the screenheight, Margins: 4, Thumbnail border width: 1 px, Last row: center, Gallery background: transparent) and the fancyBox lightbox. Next check-box has been set: Use whole screen for slide image if screen height < [empty] px
The Image bounds settings are Images: 1920x1920, Thumbnails: 800x160. The theme image, which is fetched from the jAbum folder panel, is displayed as a responsive picture with display width 96%. You can start or stop a slide show via the play / pause button in the upper right corner of the slide page.

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