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Videos, Exif info, pdf- and inc-files

Videos, Exif info, pdf- and inc-files

Album description: Test FancyBox skin with mp4-movies, Vimeo and YouTube videos, a Webloc html page, EXIF data reports, Info window, pdf- and inc-files.
To prevent problems in EXIF data with characters like © and é, see here , my Jalbum.ini file contains string 'Virtual Machine Parameters=-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8'

Example of a file used to add code after the album description:
The html code of the menu at the top is in it uses the menu bar CSS code of the skin. This example shows also the position of the other 3 possible include files for the index page.
If you use a combination of photos and movies, select video support via Tools / Preferences / Album. On the Videos tab is resolution 'Original video' selected.
The embedded Vimeo and YouTube videos are made with weblocations.

Map as PDF-file PDF-file as info window

Example of a file

FancyBox skin starts here with Google AdSense code

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