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Help for this album on a mobile device

After opening an album you will see, among others, the following buttons above the index page:

These icons can also have a color and are sometimes partly transparent. One or more of these buttons may be absent.

Click on the album title or the theme photo if these buttons are not visible. Sometimes it is possible to conceal the buttons (again) by clicking on the album title or on the theme picture.

If visible, the next buttons are used for navigation from the index page:

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. Click, if available, on the Play iconPlay  to start a slide show. If the album creator did implement the slide show, you can also start the slide show by pressing the space bar or clicking the Play icon in the upper right tool-bar above the the enlarged image. You can stop the slide show by pressing the space bar or clicking the Play icon again.

On the index page it is possible by clicking the Settings iconSettingsto adjust a number of properties: You can adapt the font size used for the descriptions: you may reduce the font size to 50% or enlarge it to 200%. In the same way you can adapt the button size. You can also adapt the viewing time per picture, the slide transition effect and the transition time in a slide show. You can also choose to disable the automatic start of background music if you open an album. On some devices you get here to select the possibility to automatically use the whole screen for an enlarged photo.

Using your fingers on an enlarged photo:

Using your fingers on the index page:

The album creator may have disabled swipes on the index page or he can have restricted the swipes to the theme image, so the preferred area for swipes is the theme image if available.

Above a panoramic picture is sometimes an expansion button (Expand) visible; click on this button to enlarge the panorama.

Above an enlarged photo you see in the upper right corner a maximum of 9 icons:


To get a complete full screen display of your album in iOS, turn your iPhone first in portrait orientation and next back in landscape orientation: the bottom tool-bar and the Host domain bar will both disappear, leaving it in complete full screen mode. The tool-bar and full URL bar will appear again when you tap on top or bottom of the page. Unfortunately you have to do that under iOS to use the buttons on top and bottom of a page! This works in iOS 12 and later versions only if the album is the only opened page in Safari, so you have to close first the other browser tabs.

Up to 7 text-buttons and / or icons may be displayed below the thumbs on the index page with as default functions:

However other functions can also be assigned to these buttons.

These functions may also be represented by text links in an optional menu bar at the top of the index page.

Valid FancyBox skin version 1.5.3 or later version.