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Vecht valley

A walk of 8,5 km north of the river Vecht near Stegeren in Overijssel (East Netherlands)

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Walking in the Vecht valley


Is this the Netherlands? If you visit the Vechtdal for the first time, you would almost doubt. Yes, the Overijsselse Vecht really flows through the Netherlands and in the Vechtdal you can find almost all Dutch landscapes. But still, by the seclusion and sweetness of the moors and villages you would almost wonder where you are.

What you do know for sure, is that you immediately want to take the bike or hiking shoes: on the road! On narrow paths along waving reeds, over beech lanes, along small round fields with hedgerows and red farm roofs. You see also sand drifts, estates, fens, reservoirs and dark forests. Not to mention the Vecht itself, the smallest of our great rivers, which meanders through the valley that he created himself.

More info on the site of Staatsbosbeheer.

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