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Presentation methods for 360° panoramas (inline version)

You see here seven 360° panoramas presented by 6 different views in the Slide Show 4 skin.
The used presentation method is indicated in the description of each thumbnail below.

Open a panorama by clicking on an image below and next, if an expand button is visible in the upper left corner, expand the panorama by clicking this expand button.

The stitching of a panorama can be done with the Panorama factory software program, with the Autopano Pro software (panoramas 2-5), with Adobe Lightroom 6 (panorama 6) and also by program PanoramaStudio 3.
But there are more programs which can do the stiching process.

Clicking on the last 4 thumbnails will open a Vimeo and 3 YouTube videos.
360° panorama on Ithaka, inline view made with program PanoramaStudio 3
Idem, inline view made on the 360Cities site
Idem, expanded view made with program EditPhotoInfo
Idem, expanded view made by the Slide Show 4 skin, with user variable: maxImageWidth=30000
360° panorama, inline view generated by the new Photosynth 3D site
360° panorama of Andreas Schuetz, inline view made with program PanoramaStudio 3
A panorama movie
360° panorama, inline view made with Google VR
Example of a You Tube video
Example of a Vimeo video
YouTube 360 video
YouTube 360° video
Hamilton Island 360° video

jAlbum + Slide Show 4

Expand panorama View expanded panorama at 360Cities.net    More Info
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