About the Visual Arts Section

The Art Section comprises a group of artists with a common interest in working with the ideas and inspiration of the Austrian scientist and philosopher Dr Rudolf Steiner. Within our group you will find artists, sculptors, architects and a number of therapeutic practitioners who work through the healing powers of form and colour.

While our individual works may be formed in many different styles and media, we are linked by a common desire to understand life as an expression of the spirit, and to represent higher values of truth, authenticity and beauty in all that we create.


Preparations are well underway for an international architecture festival in the Phillippines. This exciting collaboration has been initiated by Architecture Steiner, a group within the Art Section.

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METAMORPHOSIS - The Art Section has supported a new book, edited by Gertraud Goodwin and published by Temple Lodge. This explores the theme of metamorphosis as represented by the sculptural research of a collection of artists around the world.

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A new group is establishing in the West of England. We are aiming to meet two to four times a year to work artistically together to develop our research and practice in the arts. We include artists, art therapists, sculptors and architects and will be finding a common theme to unite our explorations. New members are welcome.

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The Art Section is part of a larger body of people inspired by the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophical Society in Great Britian

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Nils Bergslien
Yvonne Borgers
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