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De Vecht bij Beerze

Dit is een 6,5 km lange wandeling bij Beerze.
Click here to see the same album with other skins.
Notice the first image: this is a 'Web location' introduced in jAlbum version 14.

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This is an album with a theme image which is also displayed on small devices like an iPhone.The swipe area on the index page is restricted to the theme image, so that the rest of the page can be used for scrolling through the index page. For a slide page, the whole page is used as swipe area.
For an even better usability on small screens, the viewer can enlarge the size of the buttons and if the viewer has troubles reading small letters, he can also enlarge the font-size in the viewer settings (Settings button in the upper right corner).
Variable thumbnail sizes are used, the specified thumbnails size is 800x160. Option Justified-Gallery is checked, with a relative thumbnail height of 15% of the screenheight.
Clicking outside the slide image or on the caption of a slide will hide/show the slide description and buttons.

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