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Hi, I am André Wolff.

I was 30 years active in the software development for Philips in the Netherlands.

To keep my brains active, I spent after my retirement still some time in software development, but now for my hobbies: digital photography, playing Bridge, walking with GPS and investing. Some of my programs can be downloaded from my website.

For the presentation of my pictures I used initially the Slide Show 2 skin, developed by David Ekholm. After I asked him add something to that skin he suggested that I could derive a new skin from his Slide Show skin with the features I proposed. That was the start of the Slide Show 3 skin. With the help of a number of people of the jAlbum forum, in particular with the advices of jGromit, I made the Slide Show 4 skin, next the PhotoSwipe skin, and finally the FancyBox skin, If you like to use one of those skins, look at my blog for more details.

Please visit my website: www.andrewolff.nl or if you need more information.