Example of a combination of the Jusitfied-Gallery plugin (Relative Row height: 15% of the screenheight, Margins: 4, Thumbnail border width: 1 px, Last row: center, Gallery background: transparent) and the PhotoSwipe lightbox. Next check-box has been set: 'Hide tool bar' for an iPhone in landscape mode.
The Image bounds settings are Images: 1920x1920, Thumbnails: 800x160. The theme image, which is fetched from the jAbum folder panel, is displayed as a responsive picture with display width 96%. You can start or stop a slide show via the play / pause button in the upper right corner of the slide page.

The extra pages you see if you click on the links in the menu bar are created in jAlbum, by clicking the right mouse button in the Explore and selecting the 'New page' menu item and next the About.htt page, About_album.htt page, Map.htt page, the Contact.htt page and finally the empty-page.htt file.

These are pictures taken on a walk which was recorded on a Garmin GPSMAP 62st GPS receiver, see my GPS page. You can see where the photos were taken with the Google Earth program if it is on your PC. Google Earth is a 3D interface to our earth. You can download this program here. If Google Earth is not on your PC, then you can view it via Google Maps in your browser.

The track log file of this walk can be downloaded to be used on your own GPS. Click on the GPS icon below the thumbnails on the index page.

MyEditPhotoInfo program was used to retrieve the picture location from a GPS track log file and save it within EXIF data of the photo. The Google Earth pages are also made ​​by my EditPhotoInfo program.

You should only click on the Google Earth icon below the thumbnails on the index page, if the Google Earth program is on your PC. After clicking on that link, Google Earth is started and after some time, you see a portion of the route. If the route is visible, drag the image optionally with the mouse or the 2nd circle top right of the image. Zoom in with the wheel on your mouse on a pc and rotate the image with the upper circle upper right of the image. On a touch screen, use your fingers to do this.

You will get an overview of the walking if you click the Map link in the menu or on the Google Maps icon below the thumbnails.. Purple icons indicate the location where the pictures are taken, the coloured lines are the walks and bike rides. Click on a camera icon next to the photo or short-cut to view the picture enlarged.

If you need help with navigation in this album, click on the help button top left of the small pictures on the index page.