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Videos, Exif info, HEIC- GIF- pdf- and inc-files

Videos, Exif info, HEIC- GIF- pdf- and inc-files

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Album description: Test FancyBox skin with mp4-movies, Vimeo and YouTube videos, a Webloc html page, EXIF data reports, Info window, heic-, gif-, pdf- and inc-files.

Example of a file used to add code after the album description.
File contains the used css code.
Click menu item 'Settings' to see more info how this album is made.

Example of a file to add a translate combo-box:

Select your your preferred language to tranlate the text in this album:

File stylinggt.js is used to change the "google_translate_element" combo-box. This file is added in version 3.5 via the 'Extra module' field on the 'Web page' tab and the required javascript code is added via the javascript code text-box on that tab.

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PhotoSwipe skin

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