The Vecht near Beerze (Plain-M)

This is an modified version of version 1.0.4 of the Plain skin: If you let the Google Maps API key field empty, the location is displayed in an OpenStreet Map and Captions are showed in the Lightbox.

You can download the jaskin file here and the implementation has been described in my blog.

<strong>Title 1920x771</strong><br>Comment Slide 1<br>Beerze het dorp
<strong>720x1080</strong><br>portret formaat
<strong>1625x1080</strong><br>Nice car!
<strong>1920x691</strong><br>Beerze<br>Beerze het dorp
<strong>1920x827</strong><br>We verlaten Beerze
De Vecht
<strong>1625x1080</strong><br>Tijd voor koffie<br>Vecht
Rechts aan de overkant van de Vecht begint de <a href=''>wandeling naar Stegeren</a>
<strong>1625x1080</strong><br>On the other bank starts the<a href= ''> walking to Stegeren</a>.<br>Vecht
360 degrees panorama of the Sahara zandverstuiving