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Videos, Exif info, pdf- and inc-files

Videos, Exif info, pdf-  and inc-files

Image with EXIF info
Video IMG_0877
iPhone movie in portrait mode
Panorama picture
Video IMG_0205
iPhone movie in landscapoe mode
PDF-file as webloc
Long PDF-file as webloc
Video IMG_0810
Original a MOV movie
Video Test_2MB
Original a MOV movie
2009 07 15_1088_PF360
External panorama
Video IMG_1043
MOV video file
Video www.youtube.com-957
YouTube video
Video vimeo.com-88
Vimeo video
YouTube video
Webloc page in iframe
Album description: Test with movies, Vimeo and YouTube videos, EXIF data reports, pdf- and inc-files.
Click on the i-button below to see a pdf-file in the 'Extra info frame'.
To prevent problems in EXIF data with characters like © and é, see here , my Jalbum.ini file contains string '-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8'

Example of a page-footer_2.inc file used to add code after the album description:
The html code of the menu at the top is in page-header_1.inc it uses the menu bar CSS code of the standard Slide Show 4 skin. This example shows also the position of the other 3 possible include files for the index page.
If you use a combination of photos and movies, select video support via Tools / Preferences / Album. In this example album the movies do have a red border and the Slide Show 4 video overlay icon is used. On the Videos tab is resolution 'Original video' selected.
The embedded Vimeo and YouTube videos don't have a red border. They are made with weblocations; on the Slide page tab check-mark ‘Replace web location slide image by the website’ is set.

PDF-file as map PDF-file in Extra info frame

Example of a buttons.inc file used to add buttons or change the default Javascript functions for the links of the standard buttons or menu. The standard Slide Show 4 CSS code for a horizontal menu bar is used.

Slide Show 4 skin

Example of a music.inc file which may be used to define an mp3 music file for a folder album. But normally you should not play background music if the album contains videos with sound!! To disable the automatic start of background music, click the settings button in the upper right corner.

page-footer_0.inc starts here with Google AdSense code

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